Professional Care

Here at The Sun Shack we pride ourselves on treating our clients as the No1 Priority. We ensure that all our customers recieve full consultation on all of our services and products before they use them for the first time. We also make sure that customers are continually using correct procedures throughout any sessions that they recieve.

Our Advisors will always ensure:

- Promotion of safer tanning.

- That make-up and cosmetics are removed before tanning.

- Find out your skin type as this is the basis for your exposure time.

- If you are taking medicines, ask your doctors advice.

- Use only sun cosmetics specially adapted for sunbed use.

- Always wear eye protection i.e.: UV goggles.

- If you are a regular tanner, ensure that you take a break from tanning at least 4 weeks a year

- Only use a sunbed once daily do not tan in the natural sun on the same day.

- UV tanning using lie down and vertical tanning units

- Sunless tanning using spray booths, airbrush systems and salon treatments.

- Professional lotions, accelerators and skincare are applied when nessecary.

Feel free to contact our staff for a free consultation :

tel : 0121 526 65 67